Welcome to the Institute of Space and Economy (ISE)

Sam Ock Park, President of Institute of Space & Economy

The mega-trends of knowledge-based information society and globalization have significantly changed the economic landscapes during the last two decades. Along with such changes, there emerge long spectrum of countries from rich to poor in the world on the one hand; there also come forward diverse regions from rich to poor within a national economic space on the other hand. It is important to analyze the processes of the dynamic economic landscapes resulted from the diverse external forces such as the financial crisis and the global mega-trends, and to provide appropriate regional and national development strategies to overcome the confronted problems. The ISE was founded in January 2010 in order to conduct researches on the regional issues and to suggest regional strategies.

The ISE aims to contribute to the development of regional community and the welfare of people through conducting researches on the problems and changes of the regional industries and economy and diffusing results of the researches to various regions and countries. Especially, researches on both policy issues and theories on the regional industrial and economic development in Korea are conducted in order to contribute to the regional industrial policies of Korea and regional economic development policies for developing countries. Furthermore, the ISE also attempts to develop Korean model of regional development based on the diverse experiences of problem-solving and actual policy applications of the academic research accomplishments and to diffuse the Korean experiences to the developing countries. In order to accomplish the above aims of the Institute, specialists in these fields related with spatial economy such as economic geography, regional economics, regional development, regional planning, and sociology participate in the essential parts of the Institute.

The ISE is organized into four divisions: Planning and Coordination; Research; Collaboration; and Secretariat. We will conduct researches on theoretical and policy issues; promote cooperation and exchanges with research and policy institutes both in national and international levels; promote to diffuse research results; and to provide activities of education and training. The ISE will also focus on the contribution to society with providing appropriate alternative policies in the era of the turbulent and dynamic global economy.

We expect your active participation and cooperation.

Thank you
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